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The Mail Moves America coalition is committed to a long-term effort to address Do Not Mail legislation and keeping the mail channel open. Joining the coalition will give you access to the latest information on Do Not Mail legislation and activities of the coalition. It will also ensure that your company's and your industry's voices are taken into consideration as the coalition works with policymakers and other interested parties on the Do Not Mail issue.

You can join MMA at one of two levels. As a General Member you can show your support of the cause and receive regular updates on coalition activities and Do Not Mail legislation. As a Participating Member you will have access to the latest information on Do Not Mail legislation and be fully engaged in the activities of the coalition. Please see below for further details.

General Member

$100 for individuals
$500 for companies with fewer than 15 employees
$1,000 for companies with 15 or more employees

  • Receive written reports on state Do Not Mail legislation
  • Receive reports on Mail Moves America coalition activities
  • Participate in the Mail Moves America Grassroots network
  • Be listed as a General Member of the coalition

Participating Member

Contributions are scalable based on direct mailing/marketing revenues, please contact Ron Barnes ([email protected]) for information on joining at this level.

Associations are invited to join at $5,000.

  • Join regular coalition conference calls
  • Participate in the committee work of the coalition
  • Provide input into the work of the coalition
  • Assist in the development of education and resource information for coalition use
  • Access to the Members Only section of the Mail Moves America website
  • Participate in the Grassroots/Grasstops network
  • Be listed as a Participating Member of the coalition

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updated: Thursday, February 21, 2008 10:09 PM